Relieving Depression

Of the depressed, the one thing they have in common is that they have lost hope. They don’t see a day in the future when they will feel “normal.” They are grabbed by fear and regret and can’t see the beauty in their unbecoming appearance or behavior., they can’t believe the fact that depression, once resolved, can bring you to your most confident position. It is a process of awakening, not one of passing away.

I know this well because I have spent time there several times in my life. The guilt and self-hatred that takes hold of someone who experiences depression was once my daily companion. Hypnotherapy was one method I used, possibly the best, to overcome my repetitive depressions. I learned how to relieve it and live my normal life, a life without fear constantly present – even while I slept. It is because I came to know depressional personally is why I think that overcoming it is somethiing which I can help people with- since that is where I’ve come from.

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