The Tornadoes Inside Us

Even though the media tells us about the horrible effects of global warming, the weather masochism that is engulfing our planet, there’s good news about what we can do about it. Even if you don’t have time for a hypnotherapy session to soothe your worried state, you can also glom on to self-hypnosis, that person we know so well inside that cares more for us than anybody else. I have taught self-hypnosis to many of my clients and they’ve reported very positive effects. If you’re one of them, you know that you need to be detached from that every day self and count yourself down into hypnosis until you are completely relaxed. Then, you see the person you are deep inside, a fabulous person who can handle all the stresses you have, all the storms of misfortune that seem to live inside of you. You watch as you are relaxing completely and focusing on the fortunes that are your birthright and grab the freedom to feel relaxed, happy and self confident.

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