Past Life Regression To Save A Relationship

Have you been together before, in another lifetime?

Do you sometimes feel as though you’ve known your partner for many lifetimes? If so, the problems you experience today – in communication, trust, or understanding – may actually be a pattern left over from pain you experienced together in a past life.

Signs you may have been
on this journey before:

  • Something about them felt familiar the moment you met
  • You’ve had an on-and-off again relationship and can’t seem to let them go
  • Issues in the relationship repeat themselves in a pattern
  • Your feelings are more intense than anything you’ve previously experienced
    If any of that sounds familiar, Past Life Regression Therapy with Certified Hypnotherapist Nicholas James may reveal hidden truths and give you the answers you seek!

Through safe and natural hypnosis, you’ll go back in time to access thoughts and feelings from another life. By opening this window into the soul, you’ll be able to determine if your lover in this lifetime is connected to your past. Souls tend to find each other from one journey to the next, which is why we occasionally ‘click’ with certain people.

If you have inexplicably strong feelings for someone, or an uncommonly complicated relationship, past life regression might explain why!

In short, YES – even if you don’t believe in reincarnation. Past Life Regression Therapy allows you to understand your own unconscious impulses to reveal whether they help or harm a relationship. Hypnosis is also incredibly relaxing and can provide a sense of calm and clarity.

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“Imagine the confidence you will gain in how you relate to your partner, once you’ve discovered the hidden truths about your relationship. Only then can the healing and repair begin in earnest. The journey awaits.”
– Nicholas James, C.Ht.