Resurrection From COVID

It’s not a literal resurrection I’m talking about. Those who have died will presumably stay dead. I’m talking about the daily life of work and in relationships that will gradually start again. During the global virus, I have had clients from all over the world contacting me for solace and encouragement during this difficult time. It seems as though Hypnotherapy did have a positive impact on these people – but there’s a new way of looking at it right now.

Individuals are returning to their work locations while the virus is still active, against the advice of the health professionals. This brings a new level of fear and intimidation and I have started giving sessions to help people feel more comfortable and safe as they re-adapt to society.

So far, it has been going very well in terms of the stability that my clients have felt and shown. Please consider the support that can be offerred through Hypnotherapy at this challenging time.

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