We either become lonely when we are away from those we love, those who seem to define our lives or, in the case of current times, during the Covid -19 Pandemic, those of us who work at home or have been laid off, the empty house or apartment where we live can seem lifeless. If you don’t have a pet to accompany you, the solitary life can birth to fears and phobias that never existed before. That’s what I have heard from so many of my clients, who come to me looking for solace. The solace I can always give but I have something of greater value, something that can conquer the sense of being alone. In a hypnotherapy session, focusing on that anxiety of loneliness, my clients have come out of their sessions with companionship. I don’t mean they are ignoring the limits on contact which the pandemic has deemed necessary, I mean that they have found an extension of themselves that always keeps the best company possible – it’s what happens when we feel the accompaniment of our deepest loving spirit with us wherever we go – and that can happen through hypnotherapy focused on relieving loneliness.

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