Isolation And Hypnotherapy

There have been several times when clients, who have been alone for a  long time, come to me to try and deal with their loneliness. But it’s not only loneliness, sometimes it’s not having a partner to spend their life with. When I see this clients, they don’t seem to be suffering from shyness and inability to meet people. It’s something else, almost mystical. They drive themselves into situations where they are isolated from others through a kind of cosmic mental fog, a sense that they can’t talk to people or feel incapable of being in the present with someone else. We have worked together and found out ways, sometimes working on past issues in their lives, that have changed their behavior and provided them with a whole new influx of people with whom they make friends and have relationships. This is a unique event and should you have experienced, please contact me so that we can work together.

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