Retirement And Stress

When we retire, we look forward to the long days of peace, to the ability to make plans without the interference of our work schedules. For many people, this is exactly what happens – but for a growing number of people, especially those who retired during the Covid lockdown, second thoughts and fears of loneliness and losing a sense of purpose began to overtake our consciousness.

In hypnosis, there is a remedy for this kind of fear and anxiety – going through a few sessions, many people have increased their appreciation for life and turned their negative experience into a positive one. This type of hypnotherapy returns a sense of purpose to the self and conjures up new ways of living that place invaluable and uplifting feelings of freedom and happiness into our lives. So, if you or anyone you know may be suffering from post-retirement stress, a few sessions of hypnotherapy can return purpose, meaning and fulfillment to your lives.

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