Hypnotherapy’s Mystery

I have been asked many times why hypnotherapy works. My basic answer is that we are all prone to hypnotic states and suggestions and it only takes a hypnotherapist to determine how to make suggestions to you in order for those suggestions to be effective. Whenever I have a new client, I give them a “suggestibility test.” What this does is determine whether they are a direct, physical person or an emotional, indirect person. If the test shows that they are a physical, I make my suggestions direct, saying that the client will feel or will do something. If the test determines that a personal an emotional suggestibility, I use inference in my suggestions, such as “You may feel” or “It seems that” and so on. If the hypnotherapist uses this guide, then anyone is subject to successful hypnosis.  Of course, I have also learned a lot from studying in a highly regarded school of hypnotherapy and also from the experiences with every client that I’ve seen. A significant thing to remember is that everyone of us is hypnotized daily. When we are deep into a book or a movie or when we miss our exit lane on the freeway, our mind is susceptible to the influence that something has on us.

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